I'm so excited to welcome you to read the first of my hopefully many blog posts about flowers, our shop, weddings and ways how you as a customer can reduce the environmental impact of flowers.

Being a huge nature lover myself it was a very easy decision when starting my own floristry business that I wanted to do my bit in being kinder to the environment and mindful of what ends up in the landfill after the flowers have bloomed, the weddings have been celebrated and gifts opened. 

My style of floristry is very natural filled with unruly stems of foliage, flowers, branches and anything natural that inspires me in the moment of creation. That's why rather than offer our customer a set recipe of floral content I love offering colour schemes and fill the orders with gorgeous fresh seasonal flowers that will give our customers something more individual and unique than ordering from a catalog.

When I was thinking what to call these bouquets I suddenly thought of my favourite Nordic writers and characters from my childhood. I grew up with Moomins, stories of independent and sometimes naughty kids by Astrid Lindgren. I tried to think about the vision I'd get from a certain name and so this is how ended up with my first selection of gift bouquets you can find on the webshop.

With Astrid I thought of a blond scandinavian girl running with a flowing white dress on the field of wheat. So sorry if you are called Astrid and this could not be further from the truth. So naturally I wanted Astrid the bouquet be filled with white flowers and have a touch of dried materials.

Whilst Astrid was the first bouquet I came up with I couldn't not dedicate one to Tove Jansson, Finnish author and artist who created the Moomins. When I think of her I think about the beautiful illustrated landscapes with muted colours that you can admire in her books. This is why Tove is the bouquet with blues, pinks and whites.

Gift floral bouquet from Bournemouth florist

Mymble or Mymmeli as we call her in Finnish is a romantic girly character from the Moomins and I think she fitted well in the world of flowers. Mymble is therefore our pink romantic bouquet...and who doesn't love a bit of romance every now and then.

Eco friendly wrapping in a gift bouquet from Peony Blue floral design in Bournemouth

As I already mentioned I am a nature lover and woodland is somewhere I used to play as a child, have always enjoyed walking in whilst listening to the sound of the nature and especially now in the world of Covid I have had a strong need to go spend time in the woods and I am ever so lucky to have the gorgeous New Forest on my way back from the flower market. So I could not create a selection of bouquets without dedicating one to this calming element... Ronja, named after Ronja the Robbers Daughter is our lovely lush greenery bouquet and even me who absolutely loves flowers, does not miss them in this combo.

Peony blue Bournemouth florist Greenery gift bouquet  

So, even though I've already had a lovely floristry career in Wedding industry it has always been my dream to have my own flower shop and finally after seven years of dreaming about it the world suddenly changed. The job I loved in weddings was not there anymore and after spending several months hoping and praying it would come back I decided that I'd had enough of waiting, it was time to start making those dreams of the shop come true and I cannot wait to finally open it in couple weeks time and welcome other flower lovers on my journey. Thank you for joining me! In the words of Claude Monet... "I must have flowers always and always"... and I will!


Jonna xx